Happy Holidays

by Michel Joanisse / Dec 23, 2020

Semantically, we're better to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Why? Because it's more universal language. It's considering and respecting the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas per se.

We adopt universal, inclusive design subconsciously everywhere and everyday. It's the expressed empathy in us each time we take a second to consider other people, rather than think only of ourselves or those in our inner circles.


The web medium should be no different. While this technological era has its flaws, there are certainly aspects of it to we greatly benefit from and have come to rely on. Take the internet for example. No matter where you live, it's our number one source for finding information. Imagine for a second, your life without it. I think I can speak for most of us when I say Google as a tool, and the sites it returns to us when we perform dozens of daily searches, is indispensible. Now imagine having a disability of any sorts, lets take an extreme case for instance, being blind.

Life, is unquestionably already challenging enough being a blind person. Now take +70% of the internet away. The sad truth is, the numbers are substantial when it comes to sites that don't meet even a basic level of accessibility.

There's no reasonable excuse for that. Myself included, we can be better and should always put in the extra miles to accommodate all kinds of people, not just the privileged, the internet's rich and famous.

Diversity matters. Whether we're talking about skin colour, sexuality, political opinion, disability, etc. At the end of the day everyone is human and everyone deserves an equal level of possibilities, including access to content.

Happy Holidays to all!