Design Concerto

by Michel Joanisse / Feb 3, 2021

Referring to the creative mind. Or, perhaps it's just the mind or brain hi-jacked on caffeine. Doesn't matter; For me, they're synonymous.

Hundreds of ideas, rushing and flowing. I'm trying to process and capture it all, make mental or physical notes so as to not let them slip away.

Going mostly on speculation and personal experience but also based on some past readings, this is not uncommon for a creative person. One idea, transpires into a web of other ideas or opportunities, which in turn sprouts another, and another, like a gushing waterfall or spewing lava. I'm in flow. The ideas are great, but there's far too many and ultimately only a handful of them are great as opposed to just good or downright bad.

In this state, my creative brain feels like it's orchestrating a Mozart symphony only that there's no order, just various interspersed melodies. In my head and at the time, they're all individually great, I personally can connect the dots and see how when put together, it's a masterpiece. But those single notes are meaningless unless I can in fact string together a harmonious piece, the coming together of it all, for everyone else to equally understand and appreciate.


I've been in the web design industry for more than 12 years now, and only recently have I appreciated this aspect of the creative mind, but I also recognize it's faults.

The root problem is, your ideas are only as good as your actions. And, for every action there's the time investment attribution. The challenge, is knowing when to act on which ideas and to what degree.


At work, for me that means acting on my "ideas" intuition / inclinations. I've learned that in general when my intuition compels me to share something, then I should do that. The act of expressing my ideas and opinions creates a surge or rush of adrenaline, even when there's doubt about what you shared having been good, bad, or done at "the right time". The alternative, is anxiety caused by the discomforting shame of knowing in your heart you had an idea worthy of sharing, but never mustered up the courage to do so.

That's crazy talk. Time is precious, and so are good ideas. Use good judgement / wisdom to act on your good ideas, and do it as soon as possible. Don't procrastinate, don't let them fester only to become obsolete.

Don't necessarily expect anything of it right away, what's important is that you "plant the seed". From there, you'll have to nurture it. Sometimes, it merely dies. Other times, it takes root and expands into a garden metropolis. We all know that getting the idea out of our heads and at least onto paper is the first step, but my point is that often that alone has little or no value.

Tell someone! Pick up the phone. Go for a coffee break and spill the idea beans. Write up a "stream of conscious" email. Draft up a self-guided presentation and share the link with a close confidant prompting them for feedback.

You're not doing yourself or the world any favours by suppressing the expression of your ideas. You're almost always better off to just "put it out there" and see what happens. You'll otherwise never know how valuable your ideas are, and to what degree they might have evolved / transpired into in due time.